NRA RSO, Range safety officer, chief rso, instructor, firearms
NRA RSO, Range safety officer, chief rso, instructor, firearms
NRA RSO, Range safety officer, chief rso, instructor, firearms
Fundamentals of
Action Shooting Sports
This course is intended for those wishing to learn
the basics about shooting ACTION competition.
This is not a defensive class.
This class is recommended for shooters who are looking to enter
Action Shooting Competitions such as, IDPA, Steel Groups, USPSA,
IPSC , 3 Gun and so on.

This course is not sanctioned by any Shooting Group, it is intended to
explain, safety, gear, movement, drawing from a holster, reholstering,
flash sight and so on.
All guns and gear must be NJ compliant.

You must provide your own (pump or semi auto) shotgun, carbine,
pistol and ammunition depending on the class objectives. If you do
not own a rifle or shotgun advise us of that fact before class.

A sling for your carbine and shotgun is recommended (2 or 3 point)   a
shell carrier is recommended.

You must supply your own eye and hearing protection.
Electronic hearing protection is recommended.

Rain or Shine

No classroom is involved.

A range safety briefing will be held at 0830hrs.
If you miss it you will not be allowed to shoot that day.

This is not a basic course. You MUST be familiar with your firearm.

All hits count, you shoot until the target has the correct amount
of holes. Yes, we count them.

All instructors are Certified NRA Instructors and Range Safety
Officers even though this is not a NRA class..
After making your payment on-line you
must finish the process by registering at


Click on it now and it will open in its own window.
Failure to do so will result in you being
unable to attend the class.
This is for insurance and certificate purposes.
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New Jersey gun training school
Fundamentals of
Action Shooting Sports
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At the end of class you will be
timed and shoot competitive
stages. In addition to using a
Dueling Tree.

Safest and highest scoring
student will receive a prize.
buddy attend our classes.

Type "Buddy" in coupon section
in check out for more then one

You are responsible to learn the
rules of the competition you
wish to participate in.
Limited Class Size

Water and fruit is available at the
range during breaks.

Light sandwich lunch will be
provided. You may also bring
anything you wish to eat.
Please understand in todays
firearms climate to insure we
are only instructing law abiding
citizens we will ask to see your
NJ FID or a Military ID or a Sate
issued CCW permit.  We will not
copy it or take any info. It is
purely a CYA issue.
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