TAC-MED (Street Trauma)

TAC-MED 1 ***There are no prerequisites for this class***

The outline for the course is the T Triple C or "tactical combat casualty care course" following the MARCH algorithm which stands for "Massive hemorrhage Airway Respirations, Circulation, Hypothermia"

This is NOT a shooting class.

May 4-5 Huntingdon PA 16652 (No rain dates) $300 lunch included. {Other dates will be announced}

  • Closest Airports:
     Altoona (AOO) or State College (SEC), closest major Airport Pittsburg (PIT - 2.5 hours away)

The course covers the following:No automatic alt text available.

  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology.
  • A, B, C’s—Airway, Breathing and Circulation.
  • Basic Airway management - treating and monitoring.
  • Tension pneumothorax, sucking chest wound and flail chest management.
  • Basic First Aid and CPR (You will be Certified AHA or NSC).
  • Application of Trauma Bandages and Homeostatic Agents.
  • Proper Application of Direct pressure and then tourniquets.
  • Self applications of tourniquets.
  • Treatment of various injuries.
  • Recognition and treatment of shock.
  • Moving and positioning victims with various injuries.
  • Mass casualty triage procedure.

Lead Instructor is a former US Army Special Forces Combat Medic, PA EMT- BLS Instructor, Scott Crisp BLS Instructor,ACL, EMT-PmedbadgeSF